SEC Scrutinizes NFT Market Over Illegal Crypto Token Offerings

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking into creators of NFTs, and the cryptocurrency exchanges where they trade, to see if any of them violate securities regulations. The inquiry’s emphasis is on whether specific non-fungible tokens are used for fundraising, much like traditional equities. The attorneys in the SEC’s enforcement division have issued subpoenas demanding information about the token offerings. Although, information requests from the regulator don’t always lead to enforcement actions.

Kraken Crypto Exchange Won’t Shut Down Russian Accounts Unless Legally Required

Some of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, including Kraken and Binance, are staying put in Russia, breaking ranks with mainstream finance — and raising fears of sanctions backdoor.

NYSE Files Trademark for OpenSea-like NFT Marketplace

The NYSE has its eyes set on new opportunities in the lucrative NFT trading craze, according to a recent filing with US Patent and Trademark Office. This move would pit the centuries-old corporation against crypto unicorns like OpenSea, and other prominent NFT marketplaces.

Forbes Announces Inaugural Digital Assets and Web 3 Sumit

The first-ever Forbes Digital Assets and Web3 Summit will be held virtually on March 16, 2022, to commemorate the debut of the Forbes Blockchain 50 list’s newest members. I, along with my colleagues at VezTek, plan to join other industry experts and debate the future of digital assets and Web3.

Financial NFTs Could Be the Ultimate Path to DeFi Mass Adoption

The DeFi industry is worth over $200 billion and rapidly growing. While the growth of DeFi is inevitable, it suffers from a lack of an incentive to long-term liquidity providers, as well as insecurities with cyberattacks and digital asset thefts.



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Sani Abdul-Jabbar

Sani is the Board chair at VezTek, a Los Angeles based provider of software development and on-demand tech. talent for Blockchain and Web3.0 initiatives.