Blockchain’s Potential: How AI Can Change The Decentralized Ledger

TLDR: One of the most exciting things about decentralized AI is that it can remove intermediaries and connect businesses directly with consumers. It can provide access to massive amounts of data from within and outside of the company, which when processed with AI scale may provide more actionable insights, manage data usage, and establish a trustworthy and transparent data economy.

In relation to blockchain technology, artificial intelligence’s revolutionary potential is being overlooked. Blockchain’s adoption of a decentralized ledger allows us to look into the workings of AI systems and the provenance of the data they might be using. As a result, trading may take place with complete confidence while maintaining solid data integrity. Apart from that, blockchain technology’s ability to store and distribute AI-centric operational models may aid in the creation of an audit trail, which can improve data security. Artificial Intelligence uses data that is stored efficiently to produce meaningful and timely insights that researchers, analysts, and developers can act on, as opposed to blockchain’s primary focus on data integrity and immutability — ensuring the high quality of information data on a blockchain.

There’s already a solid infrastructure in place for AI to be used on top of existing blockchain technologies that is capable of enhancing trust, identification, and decentralization across the sector. As a result, as we enter a future governed by decentralization principles, it’s reasonable to expect that futuristic technologies like artificial intelligence will continue to expand their presence in the global crypto landscape throughout the months and years ahead.

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